Friday’s Letters

Dear Friday, You are busy. Yes, the weekend starts with you, but mine will only start with you ending. Working two jobs has not really been that hard until today. I have 45 minutes to go from one job to the next. It’s going to be one long day!
Dear Summer, Summer really isn’t as fun once one you have job. Summer just becomes more time that you have to make money. Ohhh gotta love being a grown up. Here’s to hoping for more days out in the sun!
Dear Friends, I have appreciated so many of you all lately. Knowing who you can count on is something really valuable to me and having multiple people is something so rare in my life. I am not taking this time for granted. Having all you girls means the world to me!
Dear Weekend, I am excited for you to start! I have plans, and I am so excited to see them happen. Yay for more visits and no distance. Yay to seeing my friends! Yay to having days off! Yay for the sun! 
Dear Weather, I would really appreciate it if we could have those really hot days on the weekend when I can enjoy them. Having the beach be 80 when I’m stuck in an office is not so enjoyable when its only 66 on a Saturday. I’d appreciate it if you could flip flop the two. Pleas and thank you!
Dear Disneyland, I am going to have a tearful goodbye very very soon….Can we please meet up one last time?!

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    Summer has definitely become a time to just make money in my world. I've honestly been looking forward to it for months for that sole reason. It's kind of sad, actually! Regardless, summer is summer! Make sure you find time to enjoy it 🙂

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      Seriously! I'm working 2 jobs all because I can't work all that much during the school year. I guess that's the life of a college kid.

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