Friday’s Letters

Dear Friday, I’m pretty pumped that this week is over. School is starting to become more busy and stressful, but that’s okay. It was bound to happen sometime right? So here’s to enjoying the weekend!
Dear Weather, We are still not in tune with what we think October should feel like…
Dear Weekend, Big Bear, pumpkin carving, and corn mazes…I’d say you look like you have a lot of fun lined up for me. Thanks for that! 
Dear Michael, This past week we have spent a lot of time together simply doing homework. I guess that’s the life of dating in college! I’m excited to take a break from that and have some fun this weekend. 

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    It's only fall break and I already want to rewind and go back to summer! Can I just find a job where it's acceptable to shop all day and decorate houses for the holidays? That would be the life. As the weather begins to change, I'm desperately searching for a way out of here. I need a mental vacation already! Lol, nice to meet you Mariah. Stop by sometime 🙂 http://the–

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      Right?! I totally agree! I am so ready to sleep in and have a day off.

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