Friday’s Letters and Follow Friday


Dear Readers, Happy Weekend! Saying that makes me think of Hermione from Harry Potter when she says “Happy Christmas!” Any who! I really do hope you have a safe wonderful weekend! Thank you for reading my blog! Did you all ever realize how many Friday link ups are out there? I googled them and there is tons! I am trying to decide if I should keep doing Friday letters since there really is no link up anymore or try something new. What do you all think? I would love to hear your opinion!

Dear Friday Night, I have plans….shocker…I know. But I actually have plans. 

Dear Design Classes, My creativity is lacking, but it is something I would hope to work on. I am totally enjoying learning all of the shortcuts and tools though. My mind is growing!

Today I am also going to combine my letters with Follow Friday. The hashtag #FF is going around twitter so today I am going to give you some of my favorite blogs to read! Go check em out! The girl who loved to write is awesome. You should also check out her etsy shop! Another is Sleepy Single Girl, The Marvelous Flight of Cara, and Jolie Emily. Go check out these wonderful ladies!


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