Friday’s Letters

Dear Friday, Every Monday I feel like Friday’s are just so far away, but once you get here I feel like “Wow! This week went by pretty fast.” So I am happy you are here. Thank you for showing up once again. I have a jam packed weekend and I am so happy about that! Who knew that being busy, and having stuff to do could be so fun?!
Dear Best Friends, You both know who you are and I am so happy that this week I get to see the both of you. Ps. I can’t wait to see your apartment Kristen 😉
Dear Disneyland, It’s been a week and you are already calling my name…
Dear Design Project, The very first one of the semester and you make me very nervous! I really hope my creativity will shine through. Here’s hoping!
What are your letters this Friday? Share them with me in the comments! I’d love to here what your plans for the weekend consist of.

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Mariah Cooke
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