Friday’s Letters!

Dear School, It has been nice getting back into the swing of things. However, finding my classes has been a challenge. I know I will get it though! I am blessed to be at such a welcoming campus though!
Dear Weather, You have been just terrible! I do not live in Florida, and I do not want to. The humidity can be gone now! If it is going to rain then please let it be cold! If you wanted to be 106 you should have done that in July. It is now time for fall. So please autumn come soon!
Dear D, I just back into the rhythm of seeing you, and now you leave again. I miss you already. I know 4 days is not long, but I really do hope that it goes by quickly!
Dear Weekend, I haven’t had a day off in over week, so I plan on thoroughly enjoying you. Please last long, and give me some time to relax!

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