Friday Letters


So this is my first link up. I am slightly just really completely excited to do it. Here it goes!

Dear Friday, Thank you for finally showing up! I was really looking forward to you, and what you bring this coming weekend!

Dear homework, the semester is almost over, but those 6 papers are not making me excited.

Dear CBU create event, I had a lot of fun last night! Thank you for being awesome! I cannot wait to be apart of planning you next year.

Dear guy at event who painted my toms, you did an incredible job! I love them and could not wait to wear them today!

Dear Donny, Thank you for showing up last night. I was happy to see you, even if I didn’t act like it.

Dear moving boxes, I am getting sick of you!! Can we please break off our relationship already. I would like to have order and a clean room again.

So my first link up. I hope you enjoyed it! Praying you all have a wonderful weekend!

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    Great posts Mariah! You have a really neat setup for your theme and its easy to navigate! Creative name for your blog too! Keep em coming 😀

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      Thank Bryce! Means a lot!

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