That Friday Feeling No. 9

Abercrombie top denim jacket

Abercrombie top denim jacket

Happy Friday! We made it to the weekend! Is anyone else super stoked about that? Cuz I really am! Without students on campus this week really dragged. That isn’t a bad thing since last week was SO busy but I am hoping the summer months don’t drag like this week.

Weekend Plans

I think another reason why I feel like this week dragged is because I have so much to look forward to on the weekends! This weekend and the ones coming. This weekend is Mother’s Day and we are celebrating by going camping as a family. It’s been awhile since my sister has been able to join us and I’m so excited to have everyone together. Not to mention the idea of getting away to nature for a few days sounds glorious!


Last week I mentioned that we were seeing Avengers and it was so good! I think it is probably one of my favorite Marvel movies so far. I won’t give anything away but tears were definitely shed on my part. Feel free to e-mail me and we can nerd out over it together 😉 I don’t want to spoil it for anyone else!

Also on another nerdy level I bought my Solo tickets last week! Woot woot! So excited for that to come out and to see the Falcon in its prime!


Lots about hair this week! I saw two posts from two different bloggers I want to share. The first is from Abby over at Twist Me Pretty. She shared 13 hair hacks for healthy hair. These tips are really great and super helpful! I apply a few of them in my everyday life too. She mentions using a shower cap, which if you don’t wash your hair everyday then you need one! I use this adorable one by Shhhowercap. It helps keep moisture out but unlike the plastic ones it doesn’t frizz up your hair or ruin your leftover blowout or style. She also talks about sleeping on a silk pillow case which is a must! I use this one from amazon.

Going along with the hair talks is my latest blogger fav, Jess. She gave a tutorial on how she air drys her hair. I almost air dry my hair everyday that it is washed. If I’m not curling it then I air dried it. I never brush it after the shower and usually throw it up in a bun while its wet. I love her braid technique though! It really does give it a better texture. I haven’t tried doing this with a beach spray yet so I think I may start trying some out and finding one I like.


I have been play Taylor Swifts Reputation Album all week! I’m a huge swiftie and just bought some last minute tickets to her concert. You can bet next week’s weekend plans will be all about that!


Summer has pretty much started and baseball season has been in full swing already. Here’s a post from last year with a perfect top for your summer games! I got the shirt from that post off Amazon and I still love it! It’s so fun and cute and can work for just about any team 😉 If you attend enough games its even a good variety to throw in there with your team shirts too.


So while I haven’t really purchased any new clothes my money has been going somewhere and that’s to skincare. I have always cared about what I put on my skin. It’s so important to me and after graduating high school I got pretty bad acne. Well nothing has really cleared it all the way so I did just switch up my products. Recently I started using Image SkinCare and am even starting to try chemical peels this past week. Skin care is such a big deal to me! We are stuck in the skin we have and I think it’s so important to take care of it best we can. I use their acne wash, lotion, and matte moisturizer.  If it’s something y’all are interested in I think I could even do a blog post about the products and my skin after the chemical peel. Just let me know if that’s something you’d want to see!

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    you already know i am obsessed with these posts.. cannot wait for the skincare update esp with the chemical peels! give me alllll the skincare posts haha x

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