That Friday Feeling no. 1

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I can’t believe it’s March already. I feel like this week snuck up on me. I was totally not expecting it. I am however happy it is here. March means it’s my birthday month!! Woo Hoo! Birthday’s have always been a big deal in my house so celebrating is a must. It always makes me sad when I hear people don’t celebrate their birthday. I am the girl who celebrates all month long and will milk it as long as possible. Hello, it the day you were born! That’s kind of a big deal.

That Friday Feeling is a new series I am going to aim to do every Friday. Kind of like a recap of the week and some things going on in my life or things I’ve discovered this week. So lets dive in!


This California weather. We’ve had cooler temps all week and this weekend it is suppose to storm! Yes, you read that right. Storm! As in rain! I may even get to pull out my Hunter Boots. That makes for one happy Mariah. I love weather and we rarely get it here. Also totally loving my new Abercrombie jeans. I now have 3 pairs and I am totally obsessed with them.


Both things I want to point out I think were posted before this week, but I want to share them anyway and then hopefully next Friday I’ll stay within the week’s boundaries. The first is from Louella Reese about joining a Bible Study. She talks about how shes an introvert and stepping out of her comfort zone is not easy. I totally relate to this so much! While there has been so much new in my life and I’m trying to slowly take it all in one step at a time this blog post really spurred me on to just go for it. Which I in fact did and have now attended two weeks of a local churches women’s study. It’s been so great!

The second blog post I want to mention is from Lauren. This post is all about not giving up when things get hard. As we all know things are going to get hard. She gives some tips about ways to handle the difficult things in life and ways that help get past those funky days we all go through.


While I haven’t actually purchased anything this week, you can scroll through the widget to see some things I’ve been eyeing. I’ve been on a huge cute sweatshirt kick. I’m always cold and I love how popular cute sweatshirts have become. They are perfect for lounging and when I leave the house wearing one I don’t feel as bummy.


I got my movie pass a few weeks ago and have been totally loving it! Like before I’ve seen these movies in the last few weeks so next time I’ll try to keep it within the boundaries, but here is what I’ve seen so far. Jumangi, I totally loved!! It was so funny! I have not seen the original but I heard that was not a comedy. This new version is and I laughed so hard! Literally I cried I was laughing so hard. Totally worth seeing! Black Panther was also amazing. I love Marvel movies. Now some one’s I was disappointed by…one of which everyone disagrees with me on. The Greatest Showman. While the music and dancing is amazing I was a little let down by the story. I didn’t feel like there was enough of a climax. He lost everything and then like boom got it back without even really trying. I felt like it needed more time and a little more effort there. Also, totally was not a fan of Game Night. All the funny parts were in the preview.

Song of the Week

Shadow Step by Hillsong United

Weekend Plans

Tonight is day 2 of the Pac West championships. My university is hosting and our boys play our rivals tonight. I will definitely be staying after work to cheer them on. Here’s hoping we can take the W for our last time playing in this division. Tomorrow is my church’s annual rummage sale. It’s like a massive garage sale. My mom and I go every year and sometimes find some awesome treasures! Other than that I pretty much plan on relaxing and working on some business stuff. I don’t think there’s any new movies to see.

    • Laura Leigh
    • March 2, 2018

    Thank you SO much for including my post gal! I am thrilled to hear you took the plunge and have attended two weeks of study. Hope you love it as much as I do! Happy Friday!

    xo Laura Leigh

    1. Reply

      It’s been so great! Thank you for giving me a push to go!

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