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Today is a day full of nerves. It is a day full of excitement as well, though. First days of school…we have all had them, or are still having them. That nervousness of trying to find the right classroom, and make it there on time. The awkwardness of the teacher trying to be cool on the first day of class. Trying to see if you know anyone else in your classes.

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First days! We all love them, and we all hate them. The best thing we do is just endure it. We sit through the introductions, and the very long syllabus (hate those!). We have our schedules in hand (or if you are more prepared than me you have it memorized), the brand new pencils sharpened, and our notebooks ready for any notes the teacher gives. 

First days back to school give us all a new way of life for the next year, or semester. It starts us out on a new routine that no one is ready for. However, we all seem to bounce right back into it like we did have those long summer months in between. We may have forgotten where all the buildings are, or how to print off the syllabus yet we get through it.

So here’s to all you guys who have started school, or are starting in the next few days. You got this! No need to be worried. Just enjoy the ride, because sooner or later you won’t have a first day anymore. Enjoy the stage of life in which you are at right now.

Comment and tell me about your day back. I would love to hear it!

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    Ahhh, first days of school! I'm actually done with those as I'm finishing up my degree online buuuut, I completely relate. I am in the "love" them category, myself. It doesn't last though bahah

    Good luck this year!

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      Thank you so much! First days are nice to see old friends, but the teachers can be very odd! Good luck with online classes!

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