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Hello, Hello, Hello!!!
I have seriously missed this little space of the internet so much! I really do love to blog, and being a part was such a bummer! This past week has been super intense with my new job. I have had no time to do anything else! I have barely even seen my family, or Donny. Now that training, and new student orientation is over I am finally back to you all, and then school starts tomorrow! I cannot believe that it is September already! I promise I will get my August favorites up soon!
Anyway, I am going to use this time to tell you all, a little bit about what I have been up to the last 2 weeks. My new bosses seriously have blessed our staff immensely. I am so excited to be apart of this office on campus. I cannot wait for the year to come!
The first week was mostly just training, and some team bonding time. We interns new nothing of the plans, and most things were a surprise. We all just had to go with the flow.
So here is just some pictures from the last 2 weeks!
This picture is actually from the week before. Instead of taking us on a leader retreat our bosses decided to do a stay vacation. They took us all to the beach and paddle boarding. I had never been before, and seriously that is so much fun! I totally recommend it! Something that the bosses did for us at the beach was that when we got there they served us breakfast. It was really awesome to have them set an example for us of how to serve the other students on my college campus. No one is above each other, and if my boss can serve me than I can serve anyone.
This is a picture with almost all of our staff this year. I think we were only missing one of the bosses. We put on the game show price is right for the new students. It was a blast, and my boss did such an amazing job planning it all out!!
One of the bigger things that CBU does during new student orientation is what we call the Clash N’ Bowl. It is where the only way you can get into the bowling alley is if your clothes don’t match. I remember it from my own orientation, and it is seriously so much fun! My job this year was just to be crazy! We had to pump the kids up, and make sure they were all having a good time!
Last night was the last day of orientation, and it was also one of the girls birthdays. Some of the interns went out to get donuts to celebrate!
Getting to know my new staff has´╗┐ seriously been so fun for me. I really love being apart of a group. It was also so cool to be able to help out at orientation, and serve CBU whenever they needed us. I cannot wait for the year to come!

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