Fathers Day Weekend


Hello Dear Friends!

Here comes another Monday. The weekend is past and we are back to the grind. I have to laugh a little at saying the grind. My grind of the week is so not difficult. I have it very easy, and I am loving that. It finally feels like an actual summer. It is just wonderful! I can’t complain.

My weekend was very lovely! It was so fun and relaxing. Plus I got to spend it with my family. My family is very close, and we love having family days together. Sadly, I can say that I do not have very many pictures. I know I fail! I am seriously going to start striving to be better and taking pictures for you all! I promise!

Saturday my family woke up fairly early for most Saturday mornings, and we went garage saling.

This is something my mom has taught my sister and me the art of since we were very little! We also find some sort of treasure! This weekend mine was a Estee Lauder make up travel case. I was so excited and I just finished wiping it all down. Now to load all of my make up treasures inside.
After that we went house hunting. We saw house after house after house. Just hoping that we will love one and be able to get it. All prayers for my family finding a house are seriously appreciated!
That night Donny and my sisters friend came over and we barbecued chicken. We then all took a trip to the movies and saw man of steel. Which was amazing! There was a lot of unnecessary fighting if I do say so but it was still really good. Plus he was just an awesome superman!
Sunday was fathers day! After church my family headed down to the beach for some bike rides per dads request.

I absolutely enjoyed myself. Being at the beach is one of my favorite things ever!! I hope dad enjoyed his weekend too.
So yup! That is my weekend. What was yours like? Did you do anything special for your dad?

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    I still struggle with remembering to take pictures! It's just so much easier to enjoy the moment than have to always remember to have the camera out!
    But that Father's Day bike ride looks so fun! How far are you away from the beach?

    Stopping by from Weekend Shenanigans!

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      Amen! That my struggle!

      I am about an hour from the beach.

      XO XO

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