Exactly Where I Need To Be

Maybe what they say is true. You know you’ve seen them. I’ve talked about them before. There’s so many articles out there that talk about you 20’s and what people have learned through them, or what you should do while going through those 10 years. 
I didn’t really expect to relate to these articles at all. Yet, I knew that things would change. Things have been changing for me for awhile now. God’s been changing me and molding me for months now. I have learned so much since December; about Him and myself. However, maybe I still wasn’t ready for those changes, maybe no one was, and maybe no one is.
Yet, here I am not knowing where I am going or what my desires are anymore. I’m just ready for the day ahead of me and the tomorrow that God is going to throw my way. I’m ready to pray and make each decision as they come. My plans are gone and I just want to go onto the next thing. I’m 20 and I’m different than I was when I was 19. I’m different than 18 and the years before. Things are very different now. 
And ya know what?! I’m okay with it. I’m okay that I’m single. I’m okay that I don’t have a plan. I’m okay with everything. I am content with my life and exactly where God has me. I’m ready for the changes that 20 brings. I’m ready to be lost and I’m ready to find myself. I know that no matter what God has a plan and that it’s just for me. He’s prepared even when I am not and when everyone else isn’t either. 
So the next time someone asks what I’m going to do after college I don’t need to feel scared. I don’t need to think about that right now. God knows and that’s what matters. He’ll get me to exactly where I need to be. 

    • Liz Griffin
    • April 11, 2014

    Oh gosh, I still don't know what I'm going to do after college and I graduated 8 years ago. You're on to something: being surrendered to God's will is the best thing to do!

    1. Reply

      It's such a hard place to be but I am definitely trying my best!

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