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Cheers! It’s another Monday. I hate Monday’s -_- people this Monday I am tired…so very tired. I really cannot complain though since yesterday’s activities were completely optional!
This weekend flew by! I’m serious it was here and then it wasn’t! So much is happening and it is all going by very fast. I cannot believe that by the end of this week it is Thanksgiving break, and I will be in New York!
So here is what happened this weekend!
Friday night was an open mic night at my college. My office put the event on. It was awesome! We had so many great talented students get up on the stage.
Saturday was a pretty chill day. I did chores around the house, and my mom took my sister and I shopping for some last minute New York essentials. After that my sister and I went to see a theater production of Twelfth Night at my school. She is going to be in the theater department here on campus next year so she is checking out all the productions. That night D came over and had dinner with my family. It was nice and chill.
Sunday was the big day! DISNEYLAND! All of the Christmas decorations are up. It is perfect! Christmas time at Disneyland is amazing! I love it! I have been dying to go all November! 

See the Christmas tree! It is huge!!
So there was my weekend in a nut shell! How was yours? Any holiday stuff going on around you?
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    I think it's so cool that you live so close to Disneyland!

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    The malls are starting to decorate for the holidays. But that is about all the holiday stuff going on around here. I'm so jealous that you are close enough to Disneyland you can spend a day there.

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