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Elephant Romper Marshalls

Elephant Romper Marshalls Moo's Musing Icecream Romper Outfit Inspo Moo's Musing Outfit Inspiration Elephant Romper Moo's Musing Ice cream ConeWhen it’s above 90 degrees outside ice cream is really not the best prop for a blog shoot. Just so y’all know…it melts really quickly…and the majority of your photos will be you worried about it dripping, or licking it up so it doesn’t drip and then you just look like you are making out with the ice cream cone. Just go ahead and skip the ice cream come as a prop. Trust me on this one.

However, this kind of ice cream cone from dairy queen. Chocolate with rainbow sprinkles. I don’t know what it is but I have always been obsessed with sprinkles. Growing up I used to make these massive sundaes that I would just cover with every type of sprinkles we had. It was pretty glorious. If you can’t tell I really love ice cream…or rather food in general.

Anyway, other than ice cream this romper is super light weight and great for staying cool in these still hot days. I actually bought it for a Hawaiian event but now I am so in love with the print for everyday wear. Also, it has pockets! So great!

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    I am in love with your romper! It’s so so cute! Love your blog by the way.


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