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J Crew Dress

J Crew Dress Summer Wedding Summer Wedding Guest Dress

Summer wedding season has been here, and I’ve already attended some. Wedding season is seriously my favorite! I love seeing everyones different styles and dresses. I’ve always loved weddings, and even more so after working as a wedding planner last year. Seeing my own friends get married, or people I actually know is way more heart warming. It’s so much fun supporting people on their big day.

Being that I have multiple weddings on the books already I’ve rounded up some of my favorite dresses that you could wear as a guest! All of the dresses are under $30 too!

Lately, I’ve been loving layering a leather jacket over my dresses. I am always cold, so going to a wedding without a sweater or jacket is seriously not an option!

What do you normally wear when you go to weddings?

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    I love the idea of finding dresses under $30 when multiple events are scheduled! It adds up when all your friends decide to get married within a couple years 🙂

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      It totally does! I’ve had to attend so many wedding recently I can’t buy a new dress each time.

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