A Rainy Day At Drayton Hall

Drayton Hall Charleston

While this was completely not the weather I had planned for on my Charleston plantation visit, Drayton Hall did not disappoint.

Drayton Hall Charleston
Drayton Hall Moo's Musing
Rainy Southern Day
Southern Tree Arch Charleston Picture
Loft Beach Floral Dress
Drayton Hall
Loft Beach Dress Moo's Musing
Drayton Hall Charleston
Loft Tie Neck Dress
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Southern storms are no joke! When we get rain in Southern California everyone freaks out, but it usually is more of just a sprinkle or drizzle. In the south when it rains it pours! There wasn’t even any real warning. Just all of the sudden a downpour of water is coming from the sky and in just a few seconds you are soaked.

That is basically what happened on our first full day in Charleston. Not going to lie I was a little bummed and really had to check myself on it too. This was my favorite dress I had planned for the entire trip and I so did not get to shoot it like I had hoped. Overall I just made the best of it, and we still had a really good time!

When we arrived it was a little overcast and we were trying to beat the rain, but as you can see we did not succeed. It rained a little and then broke and I thought “Perfect! We can go shoot in front of the house before it starts up again.” Boy was I wrong! We got out front of the house and then BOOM the skies opened up and it rained so hard! Adam and I had to book it back to the gift shop over hang and by the time we made it we were both socked through. You can tell in the pictures my hair was so wet and the curls that were there that morning completely gone.

While these photos don’t do this dress justice I hope you can still see how cute it actually is! I love the little cut out that the tie front makes. I think that style for summer is just darling! The skirt is a wrap, but I actually tied the bow in the back. If you check it out don’t be shocked if it’s out of stock. Loft keeps restocking it. That’s how I snagged it. It’s also on sale right now too!

If you’ve followed my travels for any sort of time you know that wherever I go I like to find an old manor, house, castle, or plantation. I love the history these places hold. Drayton Hall was no different. While I was planning my Charleston trip I knew visiting a plantation was high on my to do list. There is a few popular ones around Charleston, but ultimately I chose Drayton Hall for the fact that it hasn’t been redone but rather preserved. Drayton Hall wasn’t furnished, but you could see rooms with the original paint or wallpaper. The history of how it was built, used, and kept up was explained on the tour. I loved every single part of it!


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    What a beautiful place, loved the photos. New York is next on my bucket list so will be reading that post next.

    1. Reply

      New York is the best! Definitely worth a visit.

  2. Reply

    Even though it rained out, these photos came out so great!


    1. Reply

      Not as many as I wanted but so it goes.

  3. Reply

    Your dress is so cute! A little rain never hurt anyone lol (:

    Erika Marie |

    1. Reply

      haha! Thanks Erika! Definitely felt like a wet dog.

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