Do We Want the Gift or the Giver?


This question was posed to me this past weekend. How often when we are in times of trial or uncomfortable situations do we simply ask God to remove the situation? When we are a little lost, or don’t know where the Lord is taking us what kind of questions are we asking God?

When we are uncomfortable and don’t know what is ahead of us we start to feel a little lost. We aren’t sure where the Lord is leading. I know that at times like these its really easy for me to simply ask God for something. Sometimes its peace, comfort, or just a way out. Yet how often do I simply ask for God himself? Rare…maybe… 

How come when we are in those tough situations we just don’t ask for God’s presence? He’s our dad. Just like little kids we should be running to sit on our daddy’s lap. We should just enjoy his presence in a hard time rather than be begging for a gift from him. He see’s the bigger picture and he knows what is ahead yet we still beg for what we think we need in the situation.

I know I am completely guilty of this! I constantly just want to get through a rough time. I don’t want to learn a lesson or enjoy the fact that God’s presence is closest through those trials. Yet, I should. I should just want God and nothing more. I should strive to always want Christ above everything. Above happiness, above comfort, and above love. God knows exactly what I need and by climbing onto my daddy’s lap and just enjoying him I know that’s where I will be safe. 

So here’s to trying to just enjoy the Giver of all things rather than the gifts He gives.


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Mariah Cooke
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