DIY High Waisted Shorts


Hi Darlings!

So if you follow me on twitter you know that I made high wasited shorts this weekend. I have been seriously loving this style, but really did not want to buy a $30 pair of shorts. Plus, I have seen so many DIY pins on pinterest of how to make them. I decided I would take a swing at it! The main guide that I used was this YouTube video.

Step 1: I found these jeans at goodwill. I went through and found some with a high waist. Mine are from the little boys section because I couldn’t find some in the men’s section that fit me. 
Step 2: Try the pants on and make a mark where you want the length to be at. My mother has always I mean ALWAYS taught me to make that mark longer than what you want. You can always trim the jeans, but you cannot add to them. So cut the pants longer!
Step 3: Take the scissors to them! Now I cut them long, put the pants back, and then trimmed them again. I did this like 3 different times. By doing this multiple times you make sure that you don’t cut the shorts to short. I just kept trimming until I found the desired length. In the YouTube video she cuts the short at an angle. As you can see in the picture I tried that in the beginning and decided to just cut them straight by the end.

There is my final product! You can see me wearing them in an outfit here! I am totally loving these shorts!
Tell me if you have tried making some shorts of your own!


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