DIY American Flag Shorts


This past weekend I created these awesome shorts since the Forth of July is right around the corner and I couldn’t help but share it with y’all!

So lets jump in!

What you will need:
Paint – red, white, and blue
Paint Brushes
A star stencil, outline, or stamp

1-2 1-4 1-101

First, you start with a pair of shorts. That was a little self explanatory I know, but I thought I should include it! I actually made these shorts myself. They aren’t high waisted like the other ones, but you can use the same type of method to cut them. Which you can find here. The difference is that instead of the pants that you are cutting being high waisted just choose normal pants.
1-3 1-5 1-6
I choose to do the back first. There wasn’t a reason for this I just wanted to start on the back. I first taped around the back pockets to make sure that the paint didn’t get on anything but the pockets.
I then taped the entire pocket so I could make the strips the even width. I pulled off every other piece of tape. I choose to start with the white since I figured I could clean up the white if it bled with red.
Also! On the back of my paint it said to put card board between the fabric so that is why part of a cereal box is in the pocket. The paint also said that I needed to do 2-3 coats.
The next step was the red. I covered the white with tape so that way I didn’t mess anything up. After I painted the red I took the tape off and went back with a smaller brush to clean up the lines.
1-9 1-11
I then moved to the next pocket and painted that blue. I only had to tape around the pocket since I was not doing stripes…obviously… For the stars, I cut out the star shape out of card board and used that to paint the stars on the pocket. I kind of did this just in lines as if it was an American Flag.
Here is the final product of the back pockets!
Next was the front. I painted the left side blue and then as that dried I taped off the other side for the stripes. This was the same steps as the back.

1-13 1-14

I did the white stripes, then went and did the stars. As those dried I went to do the red.
Something my paint said on the back was let the paint dry for 72 hours. I did the shorts in a few days so the paint could dry and I could touch areas up.

DIY American Flag Shorts

 That’s it! Here is the FINAL PRODUCT!!!
Let me know what you think or tell me if you have tried making shorts!
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    So fun! I love the pocket details! I think they'd be cute just like that too. I'll have to try this for the 4th 🙂

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