Disney Day!!


Hello My Friends!
I am so sorry for the delay in posting this, but blogger has not been working properly for me lately.
Anyway, yesterday my family and I took a trip to Disneyland! Now one thing you will learn about me is that I am a Disney fanatic. I love all things Disney. I may not be a huge fan of people or the crowds that come with them, but to me the Magic of Disney is very real. I think it comes from being such a kid at heart. I am hoping to get a pass very soon so I can go frequently! Eeek! I really am hoping this happens soon!
Because I live in Southern California having Disneyland so close is one of the many perks. Since we live so close to this magical place knowing people who work there comes along with it. When someone works at Disneyland they have the perks of being able to sign people in for free. That is how my family got in yesterday. We are blessed to have a family friend who gets us in sometimes.
Yesterday it was so nice to be able to escape and spend the day as a family. That doesn’t happen a lot since my family always seems to be running in different directions. However, we all found the time and had such a blast!
The weather was all cold and rainy in the morning, but it slowly warmed up. It was a nice day.
So now here is my trip in pictures. Enjoy!
My sister and me. All ready to go with our coffee in hand!
Ps. Who else loves those $1 mugs from Starbucks?!
jumping for joy!

Dad and me on Star Tours
Space Mountain
Being the Star Wars nerd that I am when I saw the Storm Trooper I just had to have a picture!
Just having some fun!

The beloved Walt Disney and Mickey. This statue is in California Adventure.
Okay friends, tell me what your favorite part of Disneyland is, or if you have or have not been there before.


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