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neck scarf and dress outfit

neck scarf and dress outfit

There are so many things I want to talk about in this blog post! Before I start with clothes lets talk about friends. I seriously love the blogging world so much! Getting to meet and interact with readers and other bloggers is such a blessing. A few months ago after reading this post a girl I went to school with freshman year e-mailed me. She had recently had started blogging and was living in a few towns over. We exchanged numbers and planned a meeting time. So with further ado meet Paige! We met in Old Town Temecula and went to this adorable food place called EAT Marketplace. The food was incredible and the company was great too! Paige is super sweet and I loved chatting with her. She travels a lot and has seen so many places. We talked a lot about different adventures we’ve been on and places we wanted to go. I just loved her adventuring spirit. Her style is a little more grunge than mine, she reminds me of how my sister dresses. So if my preppiness is just not up your ally you should totally check her out!

All I could think about when planning this outfit was the beginning part in The Lizzie McGuire Movie when Kate yells “Lizzie McGuire you are an outfit repeater!” I have had this dress for at least a year now and I thought I had already posted about it on the blog. I got it from Marshalls so I wouldn’t have been able to link it anyway. Upon further inspection I never even posted it before! This picture was the only time and it didn’t even make it to the blog. And let’s be real we are all outfit repeaters. As we should be! We all need to wear our clothes again and again. If we don’t it is kind of wasteful. So here I am wearing the same dress (like any other normal person) but styling it differently.

I took a step out of my comfort zone and have officially tried the neck scarf trend! And ya know what y’all?! I like it! It was so simple and I felt like it added a lot to the look. I can totally see why so many people add them to a variety of outfits. A simple t-shirt looks totally different with a cute scarf and it’s a way to add some other colors in. This one is from Target but so many stores have such a variety of options! I saw someone else wear this one from Abercrombie and loved it. I think I might have to add that one to my wish list soon. Totally glad I gave this trend a try!

Dress: Marshalls (linked similar at the bottom of the post) // Scarf: Target // Boots: Franco Sarto

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    Love simple denim dresses! They are so comfy but cute!

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      Totally agree Marianna! They make throwing it on and going so easy!

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    you are the cutestttttt and why didn’t we talk lizzie mcguire when we were together 🙁 haha next time!!

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      Um yes!!! All the Lizzie!

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