Decorating Your Own Graduation Cap

Choosing what to put on my graduation cap was such a struggle. I had literally been brainstorming ideas since the fall semester and by the last 2 weeks of school I still hadn’t decided. I had pinned a ton of ideas and was trying to find something that was unique and not many other people would have. Then one night my dad just quoted this song from Aladdin (which is my favorite Disney movie) and I thought it totally fit with school finishing, and the fact that I had a tassel.

So of course being a blogger whenever I have a DIY project I have to share it with you all!

Step 1. I decided what I wanted on the cap and set the size of everything in a word document and printed it out.

Step 2. I measured and cut the gold sheet of paper to the size of my cap.

Step 3. I found the spot where the button is and marked that on the gold paper. I then cut an X and fit that on the top of the hat around the button. This part was a little tricky, but the point is to make the paper fit around the hat so it won’t come off.

Step 4 (optional). I didn’t glue my paper down because I felt like it was tight enough on the cap not to fall off, but you can totally do that!

Step 5. I eye balled and hand lettered mine, but you could trace out the letters.

Step 6. Paint in your design. Then TA DA!!!

I am so happy with the way my cap turned out. It felt so much like me, and I was happy I got to make it myself.

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