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The future is something that seems to be talked about a lot in college, and even more in every day life. This morning at my staff meeting we were asked the question “What is God showing you, or what have you been thankful for recently?” My answer was His presence (but thats a completely different topic then what I want to discuss right now.) Most of my co workers answered that God has been showing them contentment in their future.
I know that as a college kid I constantly get asked “What are you going to do with your degree?” This question is maybe just phrased differently for different stages of peoples lives. Whether it be “What colleges have you applied to?” “When are you going to get married?” “What does your significant other going to do?” “When will you have kids?” Each question may relate to someone. Yet, each question just makes us worry about the future.
I am completely guilty of this! I am a huge planner (most of you should know this if you are a regular around these parts). I constantly think about what I am doing next weekend, for my birthday, spring break, summer, fall classes. All future activities. Lately, God has been teaching me that we aren’t promised tomorrow, and we do not know what the future holds. We literally must take it day by day. The question for someone like me is how do I find that balance then?
Each and everyone of us must learn to find the balance of planning for the future, and yet just enjoying the now. Some of us learn this faster than others. For me this isn’t an easy task, but God’s been helping me through it. I am utterly enjoying each conversation, person, friendship, assignment, and activity that He throws my way. I’m realizing that by doing this and enjoying the process joy comes with it! I actually enjoy school and friendships, and that is a joy that only he can give. Which is a huge blessing! 
Are you learning to trust God with your future? What has God been showing you lately?

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    A great reminder for me, for you, and for all of us from a beautiful young woman who is learning to trust the Lord day by day!!! Keep enjoying each day Moo.

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