Me, You, and the Zoo


Snapseed(1) Snapseed Snapseed(2)Last weekend Matt and I went to the zoo! It was seriously such a fun day! The weather was a perfect 75 and it wasn’t too crowded. I’ve been to a few different zoo’s before and the San Diego one many times over the years. It’s a pretty big zoo and lot’s of walking, but totally worth it in my opinion. Matt says he doesn’t remember ever going to a zoo before and that’s where this date idea came from. I couldn’t believe he’d never been to the San Diego Zoo before! He grew up in the area just like me too. It was so fun getting to take him for the first time. He loved it! My favorite animal was probably the baby hippo. Matt’s was this random orange bird that we happened to stumble upon their cages on an unmarked road. I think they were just holding cages until the birds were transported to the aviary, but when we walked up they seemed happy to see us so then Matt was hooked.

My friend made us another vlog from this trip. I seriously love the little videos she creates for me. She’s so talented and they make such good memories!

Have you visited the San Diego Zoo before?

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    You gave a nice idea for a date 🙂

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    A zoo date sounds like so much fun!! And I LOVE that video!!! Such a great way to capture memories!

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