Conference, Relaxing, and Shopping

Welcome to another Monday and another Weekend Recap with Sami.
This weekend seemed to me as one of failed plans. Which is kind of a bummer for a planner like me! But that’s okay. I am learning to go with the flow a bit better.
Friday night and Saturday morning my parents, D, and I went to the Love and Respect conference that our church hosted. I know that most of the time this is for married couples, but our church opened it to anyone. This was really awesome for us singles or dating. Donny and I can always use advice and help in our relationship. We are definitely aware of the trials that we have! and trust me do we need the help at times! So this conference was awesome and I suggest checking out the CD’s for anyone!

As I said this weekend had failed plans. Saturday night was failed plan # 1. Donny and I were suppose to go to the movies, or just do some sort of date and that did not happen. I ended up staying home eating shrimp, pie, and cuddling with my dogs and mama. It was relaxing. I was bummed not to see my honey, but what can ya do about it now?!

Sunday, failed plan 2, we were suppose to go to Disneyland. It has just been wayyyyyy to long in my opinion since I have been there. Plans were all made and set in place and then Donny forgot about a meeting he couldn’t miss. -_- So no Disneyland. A Disney day needs to be set soon!
Instead my mom took Maddi (my sister) and I shopping. We are in serious need of coats, and sweaters for New York. Our little bodies are cold in our 77 degree weather here and that 55 seems freezing! So on the hunt for the perfect coat we are! In this picture we were acting like dorks with our dork carts in a local thrift store! With my mom and sister it seems that we can spend hours at the mall and get nothing, but take us to a thrift store and we find loads of stuff! That is just us! However, the coat has yet to be found. Any inexpensive suggestions I will take!
Now it is Monday, and I have a busy week of work ahead of me. 10 days and I am on Thanksgiving break and on my way to New York! I cannot contain my excitement!
How was your weekend? Any plans for the holidays?
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    Stopping by for the Weekend Shenanigans. Sometimes a quiet weekend is a good thing as it gives you time to recharge. Hope you have fun in NY. Its a fun place and one I hope to visit again sometime in the near future. Have a great week!


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