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Recently I realized that I never posted anything about my graduation, and I mean it is kind of a big deal. Considering it has now been about a month since I graduated I thought it was time to share. Graduation feels kind of like a blur. It’s a totally normal day, but yet it completely ends your college career. Thats it. It’s over once you walk across that stage.

Which is also totally not an easy task! I mean there you are sitting in that seat for what feels like hours just waiting for the staff, who in my case I worked for and completely adore, to tell your row that its their turn to stand up and get in line. Now graduations are actually really short. Not a lot of people give speeches or talk for very long, and really all of us students are much to excited to even pay attention to the people talking. The longest part of the graduation was getting through all of the names and this takes FOEVER!

Once your row is called though you stand up to walk to the front and get in line. If I thought I was nervous before once I made it to this point I was trying not to freak out. In high school you practice how graduation is suppose to happen…in college you don’t. So there you are in line, nervous as ever, trying to watch the people in front of you and what they do. Then it’s your turn and one of the VP’s of the school tells you to hand your card to some other person, stand on the X, and then walk. You try to understand what he is telling you since he mumbles the directions very quickly and then all of the sudden he is pushing you on to the stage.

Stand on the X…smile…wait I’m suppose to be walking…quickly walk across the stage…shake the presidents hand…and then boom its over.

That’s it. I didn’t trip,¬†which was what I was most proud of, but it was really all a blur. I don’t even remember hearing my family cheer.

And there you go. That was it. I am now a college graduate.


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