Cold Weather Beauty Tips

Cold Weather Beauty Tips

Cold Weather Beauty Tips

Being that it is winter I decided to do a post about how I combat the cold. I promise that when I had this idea it was actually cold in California. Yet as of late it has been about 70-75 degrees. Not Christmas or New Years like weather at all. Yet, I figured that maybe someone is reading this who is actually in a cold climate place and these products might help them.
My beauty products do not change drastically from summer to winter since California does not really have seasons. There are a few differences though!

In the morning I use the target version of the aveno moisturizer. This stuff works really well, and I find that it doesn’t make my face oily or clog my pores. I also like that there is SPF in the product. 

The rest of these products I use at night however after I shower I always lotion up! I never like dry skin so lotion is so important! 

At night I will use the other up & up moisturizer. I use this one at night since it doesn’t have any SPF in it. I don’t like to use this one every night since my face is rather oily. However, if I feel very dry or there are portions of my face that feel dry I like to apply it.

On my bedside table I keep chapstick. As many as I can! The 8 hour one I received in my Birchbox and completely love it! I don’t feel like it actually lasts 8 hours, but it is still helpful. I also keep the Bath and Body Works sleep lotion. Like I said I do not like dry skin so I keep my hands moisturized. This stuff is nice since the smell helps calm ones mind.

How do you keep your skin good during winter? Have you tried any of these products?

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    I really want to try the Aromatherapy line from Bath & Body Works. I got my mom the Stress Relief set and it smelled so good that I wanted to keep it for myself!

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      I love aromatherapy stuff! It fascinates me! The sleep one smells so good! It comes in a spray I think too. I spray lavender on my bed sometimes.

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