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Hi Friends!

Here’s to another Monday! I still cannot believe that it is August already! This summer seems to have gone by so fast!

Saturday morning, I had a little event. It was called Shop my closet! Not as many people showed up as I expected, but I think that was because it is summer and a lot of my girlfriends were out of town. I am going to show you and explain it all tomorrow! So expect that to come your way!

This was a college I made and if you follow me on instagram then you have already seen it. Donny and I went into my work (on my day off I know!) and we painted mugs. It was a lot of fun! I love to paint, and even D said that it was relaxing. I enjoyed it a lot!


Saturday night my parents, D, and I all ate outside on our little back patio. We BBQ and it was lovely! The weather was perfect, and we saw so many birds. It was awesome!

Sunday morning, I worked and then went up to D’s house. We played life and then watched the moving Finding Forrester. His parents are huge movie fanatics, and are giving me a movie education! Since we have been dating and even before that they have introduced to me to Remember the Titians, The Breakfast Club, and Pretty in Pink. I know it is tragic that I have not seen all of these amazing movies, but I am enjoying watching all these movies I have never seen before!

I had a very lovely weekend. How was yours?


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