Christmas Traditions


My family has a lot of traditions. Some of them may not be set in stone or even talked about, but those traditions are definitely there. It seems that we have so many!

I thought since some of the traditions are starting to happen about now in our life I would share some of the traditions with you! The first one of course is decorating the house and Christmas tree. You can read about that here.

Another Christmas tradition we have is watching Christmas movies.

We have this pile of movies sitting by the tv once Thanksgiving passes. My family tries to get through all of them by Christmas. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t. So far we have watched The Santa Clause, and Holiday Inn.

Another tradition that we have is on Christmas day my mom makes cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and we all open our presents as a family. My dad also does a scavenger hunt for my sister and I. It is something he has done since we were very little! It starts off by having us wait in one room while my dad hides clues all over the house. Then once he is ready for us he calls us out and gives us the first clue. These clues lead us to the next one and so forth until we find our last present.

This picture was from last year. The clues that we found each had a letter attached to it and we had to unscramble the letters to find the place our present was hiding. My dad has had to try and make it harder every year as we get older. This tradition is so fun, and something I want to continue when I have a family one day.

What are your Christmas traditions? Do you have any other Christmas movies to add to our pile?


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