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For Christmas this year I received a lot of beauty gift cards, and gifts. I thought it would be really cool to share these products with you! These are not all of my Christmas gifts, and some of them I purchased myself with gift cards. So lets dive on in!

Obviously these products are not all from the same place. My sister bought me everything on the right from Victoria’s Secret. I received the pure seduction mist, the sensual blush lotion, the sheer love body butter, and 8 pink roll on perfumes. The Coco Mademoiselle by Channel was my Christmas present from Donny. The 4 shower gels are from Bath and Body Works. They were having an awesome sale when I went in. The 4 scents I bought were Capri Seaside Citrus,  Twilight Woods (my favorite!!), Paris Nights, and Paris Amour. I think all of these scents are really nice, and I am excited to try them out. With buying those 4 I think I am definitely set on shower gel for awhile!

These two shirts are both from Pacsun. I had received a gift card for Christmas. Pacsun was having a really cool sale buy one shirt get one free. My total came to about $29 which I think is a really good deal for 2 shirts! Each has a lace/mesh material involved. You can kind of see that in the picture. I really liked the red shirt!

AND last but not least, my Ulta and beauty gifts! I received the Clinque from my parents. It is something I had been wanting for a while now. I refuse to try proactive. I just heard so many horrible things about it. Clinque has this really good 100% satisfaction guarantee. I am on day 5 of using it. The box says that in a day you should feel a difference and in a week you should see one. I seriously already feel a difference! My acne is already starting to heal, and my skin looks way smoother. It does make me feel a little dry, but I haven’t been using my normal moisturizer to let the Clinque do its own magic. I am really impressed so far!

From Ulta I bought the Not Your Mother’s Way to Grow Shampoo and Conditioner. I have heard and read so many good reviews about this stuff. Being that I try soooo hard to grow my hair out I am willing to try anything! I also bought the Tresemme dry shampoo, Revlon color stay foundation, and Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Eyeliner. I already used the black version of this, but I normally prefer brown eyeliner on most days so this was something I have been wanting to purchase. 

The pink sponge is a target dupe for the beauty blender. It was a $5 purchase. I have never used one before, but I am excited to see how it works!

The Mac lipstick is in the shade Retro. I have never ever bought anything from Mac before. I had some money left over to Nordstrom from when Donny bought my perfume. I was able to use it on the lipstick. I really love the way this shade looks on me and I am so excited to wear it!

So there ya go! There’s my Christmas haul! What did you get for Christmas? Have you tried any of these products?

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    Very nice gifts! I'd love to know how that Target Beauty Blender works…I've been wanting to try one as well!

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      I haven't tried it yet, but I am trying to figure it out. I want to look up video to see if I can find some help.

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