Charleston City Guide

Charleston Pink Door
Charleston Pink Door

Visiting Charleston was a huge bucket list item checked off. It’s something I wanted to do for a very long time, and now being back home I already want to go back for a second time. Going somewhere once is always a privilege, but I feel like the second time you visit a location you just learn so much more about it. You view things less as a tourist and more as a local. I got to be shown around the city by a new local there which did kind of give me a somewhat different view, but still would love to go back!

Where To Stay

As mentioned in this trips photo diary we stayed with friends of Adams in West Ashley or Avondale. I read tons of travel guides off Pinterest and there were some really cute AirBnb suggestions (Here’s one from Style Worthy). I’d love to stay somewhere in Mt Pleasant some time. Abby Capalbo and Extra Petite also have good lists of hotels.

What We Did and Where We Ate

What didn’t we do?! We packed in so much in just 3 days. When we got into Charleston Thursday night we stopped and at The Triangle, which was a little burger joint that totally hit the spot.

Friday was our first full day. Adam’s friends had to work so we headed off to a plantation tour at Drayton Hall (I wrote a whole blog post featuring that.) After we explored and got rained on we headed back into West Ashley and had chicken sandwiches at Boxcar Betty’s. Friday night was when we really got to explore Charleston a bit more. We walked through the Battery and drove up to Waterfront Park as well. There’s just so many pretty things to see in Charleston. Walking or driving around is just such a treat! We met his friends Bay Street Biergarten for a drink and then dinner at Baker and Brewer. They combine a brewery with a pizza joint, and there is also a dessert shop all in one space. It was super good and a fun place.

White Point Park at The Battery

charleston pineapple
The famous pineapple at Waterfront Park

Our first full day in Charleston was spent wandering and exploring. We got up and had breakfast at Marina Variety Store Restaurant. We then made a stop at the store The Cannonborough Collective for a souvenir and then to Revelry Brewery. They have a great rooftop! From there we drove over to Hampton Park. We parked the car and rented bikes. While riding around in the heat and humidity was rough it was totally worth it! We did the day pass and could pick up and drop off bikes all over the city.

After exploring Hampton Park and the close neighborhoods we moved the car down to Colonial Lake and then biked down Tradd Street. The store, mentioned above, is found by The Charleston Weekender who has the best guides to the city on her blog. In the store there was also the cutest little booklet about some top places in Charleston and that’s where I read a few streets worth walking down. Tradd Street was great because it wasn’t too crowded like Broad, but still super cute!

Tradd St. Charleston Couple instgram pic

Tradd Street dropped us off at Rainbow Row. While I took pictures the boys headed to check out the oldest liquor store in the US. We also explored the Historical City Market over in that area. As the day continued we biked up to King Street to meet another person in our party and stopped at Stars Rooftop. The last place we hit of the day was Parcel 32. This was for sure one of my favorite food locations of the whole trip! The entire place is so well decorated and fun. We sat outside on the balcony which gave us a perfect view to people watch on King Street. While I didn’t have any food there I assume that it is also delicious!

Sunday was started off with church and some omelets at the house. We timed our visit well and every second Sunday King Street shuts off from cars and is able to be walked. Some stores bring little popups out front too. Adam and I wandered around and hopped in and out of shops. It was fun to just wander around. We ended our day with the fanciest meal of the trip at Magolias.

Charleston Travel Guide
Magnolia's Moo's Musing

Before our flight headed out Monday afternoon we drove over to Mount Pleasant and just explored. We ate our last meal at Poe’s Tavern and then flew back west.

Things I Want To Do Next Time

While we did sooooo much on this trip there were some things I’d have loved to include. While exploring King Street we popped into Candlefish, and while their candle making class is expensive I think it would have been so fun!

Over on Mt. Pleasant we drove past Sullivan’s Island, but I would have loved to see a sunrise or sunset from the beach. The weather didn’t work in our favor for us to do this, but the pictures look stunning!

A bit farther out of Charleston is the McLeod Plantation, Charleston Tea Farm, and Angel Oak Tree. Originally these were in the plan since they are all within driving distance from each other, but I loved Drayton Hall too.

Overall, it was such an amazing trip! Definitely worth a visit!

Charleston Travel Guide
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    I’m going in November and I cannot wait! Your photos are so cute!!

    1. Reply

      Oh my gosh it’s so fun! I hope you have a great trip Molly!

    • Liu Miao
    • August 13, 2019

    looks like so much fun! I want to visit now.

    1. Reply

      It is seriously the best! You have to go!

    • Leah
    • July 22, 2019

    This looks so fun!!

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      It was such a great trip!

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    Sounds like you did a lot in three days! I always wanted to Charleston because looks lovely.

    1. Reply

      I had always wanted to visit too! It was a huge check off my travel list.

    • Wenanta Anna Kalukiewicz
    • July 19, 2019

    Thank you! I have now “must to see” list for my next trip!

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      SO glad you found it helpful Wenanta.

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    Looks so fun! I’m going there later this year so I’ll have to check out some of your recommendations!

    xoxo A

    1. Reply

      Ah! So exciting Annaliese! It’s such a beautiful and wonderful city to visit.

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