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what I read in november

What I Read In November 2021

Check out the 7 books I read in November. A heavy reading month for me as I try to hit my goal by the end of the year.

It's after Labor Day which means it's officially time for all things fall!

From the Archives: Best of Fall

Rounding up some of my best fall posts from the archives, including fun fall activities, recipes to try this season, and some perfect cold weather outfits!


Lots of Disneyland, and Happy Birthday To My Mama

Hello Dear Ones!! I am so sorry for my lack of involvement in the last 5 days. I have just been on the go so much! I meant to post last Thursday, but I got busy and ran out of time. Please forgive me and do not stop reading! I am still here and still […]


Kind Words and a Smile

source: pinterest   This quote is true. A simple smile and kind word can help a person who has had a really hard and rough day. So this post goes out to the man in the grocery store who exchanged my very nasty rotten naked juice for a brand new one without a question. I […]


Lemony Lemon Brownies

Hello My Dears, How is your week going so far? As I said in my post yesterday I made lemon brownies this weekend. I found the link on pinterest and it took me to this website here. This is what the brownies looked like on the website.  Mine did not look that good, but […]


Spontaneous Trips

Hello My Friends! It is Monday. BLAH! Mondays are just gross if you ask me. They always seem to have a way of sneaking up on you. Plus they never are warmly welcomed. However, I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend! Such a fun two days! Saturday, Donny and I spent the day […]


Summer Break, Puppies, and Walt Disney

Dear Summer Break, I am bored. I want to be crafty, but all of the craft stuff is packed up somewhere. I cannot wait to have something to do, or at least have my sister on summer break with me. Dear Puppies, I have loved cuddling with you all in the morning time. I have always […]

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