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Catching Up

This weekend I was finally able to catch up on reading all my favorite blogs. Between my day job and new business it has been really hard to find the time to just sit, relax, and read. Just as much as I love to blog, I love to read blogs. I find other people so […]


Friday’s Letters

Dear Weekend, I am incredible happy that you are here. With you means only one more week until Thanksgiving break! I need a break. Dear Holidays, I cannot believe you are already here. The realization hit me today that it is almost Christmas. For some reason the holidays felt so far away and then all of the sudden BAM […]


Friday’s Letters

via Dear Friday, I’m pretty pumped that this week is over. School is starting to become more busy and stressful, but that’s okay. It was bound to happen sometime right? So here’s to enjoying the weekend! Dear Weather, We are still not in tune with what we think October should feel like… Dear Weekend, Big Bear, pumpkin carving, and […]


Friday’s Letters

via Dear September, I feel like this month went by so fast! I cannot believe I have already been in school a month! Halloween is around the corner, and my professors and family are already talking about Thanksgiving break! Dear Week, It’s been a long week! I am so ready for the weekend. Friday could not have […]


Friday’s Letters

Dear Friday, Yesterday was really my Friday. I have no classes today which is really very nice! Now it is time to just enjoy the weekend and time spent with friends. Who can complain about that?! Dear New Hair, Well I guess I am kind of a blonde now. I don’t feel like my hair is that […]


Friday’s Letters

via Dear Friday, I am very excited for the weekend! It has been one busy week and the idea of not really having a lot to do is exciting. Dear TWIRP Week, We have two more events and then you are over. I would say you went pretty well this year. Not to mention it was really […]


Friday’s Letters

via Dear Friday, I don’t have any class today so Friday you are very relaxing! You are also the finish to my first week of school. I would say it was a pretty good week. Let’s keep that up! Dear Weather, I know technically it is still summer, but I am completely ready for fall. The […]

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