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Skater Skirts

The weather here in So Cal is definitely not autumny. I am not sure if autumny is even a word, but it is now! Either way cold is just not happening around these parts. As much as I would like to wear jeans with boots, and sweaters that just doesn’t seem to be coming in my future. […]


Casual Cute

I love being able to feel a little dressy. The feeling of being feminine, but also comfortable is seriously one of the best things ever! I wore this look when going to pick up Michael from the airport. I wanted to show off my new hair to him, but since I was going to be driving […]


A Dress and Boots

The weather has been hot here in Riverside, and by hot I mean blazing…sweltering…feels like Africa hot! I literally cannot walk across my campus without starting to sweat. Which is not appealing…at all! However, since the temperatures are so incredibly high here dresses, shorts, and skirts are the way to go! I wore this outfit a few […]


First Day Of School

Yesterday was my first day of Junior Year. I am over halfway through college. This is such a weird reality! I only have one more first day of school left in my lifetime that will be my very own. I’m growing up! First days are always exciting. I had 4 classes and I think it […]



I have officially been in New York for 2 full days now. This time around is very different than November. So many more street vendors are out, and the city is not as full of people as it was during the holidays. However, I am still loving the experience! We have already had a packed […]

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