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21st Birthday

It’s official I am 21! My mother told my that my youth is over…But that’s okay because I feel like I still can do so much and have so much fun. Being 21 feels so weird. I do feel older. Like I don’t have anymore birthdays to look forward too, or the fact that if […]


Snow Adventures

Sometime in the middle of December Michael took me up to Big Bear right after we had rain. Which means there was snow! I hadn’t been around snow in such a long time. I felt like a little kid playing in it. We bought an inexpensive plastic sled, and headed to the forest a few streets […]


Friday Night Date Night Pizza Edition

A few weeks ago Michael, his roommate, and I made pizza! Talk about an awesome date night! It was seriously so much fun! Trader Joe’s has $1.19 pizza dough! I mean can you get a cheaper dinner. I choose to buy the garlic and herb kind, and then I also picked up some cheese and pepperonis. […]


A “Berry” Fun Date

Right before I started back to work at college Michael and I went strawberry picking! It was seriously so fun! At the base of the mountains there is this cute farm that has a bunch of different fruit options all year long for people to come and pick.  There were a few different options for us […]


Coffee Sleeves and Awesome Questions

Back in March Michael asked me out on our first date. We had an open mic night at our school, and I was working the event since it was my office that put it on. Michael sat with me while I worked and we watched all the performers together. During the event I had a green […]

It’s Time To Meet The Parents

The nerves…oh nerves. I guess you could partly call them butterflies. I mean butterflies are when you are nervous and excited at the same time right? So butterflies. Tons and tons of butterflies. First impressions. You only get one. That’s it. Just one. One chance…no pressure. It’s only one day for a first impression. That’s all I […]


Smitten With Me

via Smitten is defined by urban dictionary as to be really taken or pleased by someone. Smitten. It’s a rather fun word to say. Saying it just kind of makes me smile. Being smitten with someone. It makes me think of the song by Brad Paisley where he talks about being wrapped around a girls […]

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