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Me, You, and the Zoo

Last weekend Matt and I went to the zoo! It was seriously such a fun day! The weather was a perfect 75 and it wasn’t too crowded. I’ve been to a few different zoo’s before and the San Diego one many times over the years. It’s a pretty big zoo and lot’s of walking, but […]

berry picking photo

Berry Picking and Gingham

Berry picking season is in full swing! I think almost all berries are in season right now, and our local u-pick farm has tons! Berry picking is probably one of my favorite summer activities. I love spending any time I can¬†outdoors, and this is something that we don’t get to do on the regular. Usually, […]

Cubs Game Outfit

Take Me Out To A Ball Game

The boys of summer. Oh baseball. It just feels right to spend a summer night at the baseball field right? It’s such a fun summer time activity to do with friends. Seriously, I love it! Watching sports just makes me so happy! I think that comes from playing them so much when I was younger, […]

Patagonia Fleece Hike Outfit

The Great Outdoors

Spending time outdoors is one of my favorite things ever. I hate being cooped up indoors for days at a time, it really does make me go stir crazy. The outdoors and fresh air is just so calming and relaxing to me. It’s an important part of my mental health. Over the last few days […]

Snow Day Outfit

Snow Day

I finally got to play in the snow!! Y’all it’s been a few years since I’ve got to visit the snow. This past Monday my whole family had the day off of work and school (which is so rare) that we all decided to make a day of it and go visit the mountains. If […]

Disneyland Annual Pass Photo

Holidays At The Happiest Place On Earth

If you’ve been a reader of Moo’s Musing for a while then you know how much I love Disneyland, especially during the holidays. A trip to Disneyland really gets me in the holiday spirit. Everything is all decorated, and the castle is lit up. It’s all so pretty! My friend Alexis created a vlog for […]

Brett Eldredge Concert

Brett Eldredge Concert

Brett Eldredge…swoon! I bought these tickets back in March, and had been so excited for this concert since then. Every time he came out with something new it just made me more and more excited! The actual concert lived up to expectations too! I loved it. Technically, it was Keith Urban’s tour but I really […]

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