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I am officially a world traveler! No that does not make me a pro…especially considering the two flights to and from Europe were the longest ones I’d ever been on. If you have no idea what I am talking about then you also probably didn’t notice that I was gone for the last two weeks. So hello, hopefully you are new and not just totally oblivious. The last two weeks I went gallivanting around a few cities in England and Paris.  Hopefully you were able to follow along with my adventures on snapchat because they were pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. If you didn’t well that’s a bummer, but it’s okay because I’ll be sharing my photos and some vlogs in the coming days and weeks! It’s seriously amazing. The trip was so perfect.

Today I want to share with y’all what was in my carry on. I read so many other tips about what to have with you on a long flight. Certain things I brought, certain things I didn’t. Some of which I found unnecessary and others I wish I would have had. So here’s my list and my experience.

What I brought:

Passport-Duh! Please don’t forget this. I think it’s self explanatory.

Water bottle-TSA will let you bring in an empty water bottle. I was a little worried about bringing a metal one, but I looked it up on their website and it said I could. I had no problem getting it through. It’s super important to stay hydrated during a flight. Rather than asking the attendant for 10 different mini cups of water I like to bring my own bottle and fill it up once I’m through security.

Blanket scarf-This is a must!!! I didn’t put it in my carry on for the flight home and really missed it! The perks of a blanket scarf is that it can literally be used as a blanket. It’s also big enough to crumple up and use as a pillow. I’ve mentioned this before on the blog, but I am always cold. I was also cold on the flight and this was really helpful. Most airplanes don’t offer complimentary blankets anymore so bringing my own was great.

Book, Laptop- Bringing my laptop in my carry on is just necessity. If you have wifi on the plane then it’s nice to work. However, I did not but I wasn’t going to pack it in my checked bag (this was the same with my camera). As for a book, it was just one way to help keep me entertained. Another idea would be a coloring book or some sort of puzzle book.

Headphones- This is another thing that is no longer complimentary and yet totally necessary. The flight I was on had screens and we were able to watch movies during the flight.

Snacks- I did not bring enough food, and this was such a bummer! I get really cranky without food too (sorry Tori!). We ate lunch before we left to fly to Europe, but on the way home we didn’t even think about it. You can buy food on the plane, but it’s obviously ridiculously priced and I couldn’t justify buying a lot of it. So bring snacks! Lot of snacks!

Socks, Moccasins- Now I wore socks onto the plane so I didn’t actually pack them. I did however pack moccasins and it was dumb (which you’ll see below). If you don’t wear socks on the plane then I would pack them. Again, I get cold and would have froze even more without socks.

Pen- When you land in other countries you usually have to fill out a customs form. It’s just great to have your own pen handy rather than having to ask the other passengers around you if you can borrow theirs.

Phone Charger- I carry a portable phone charger with me everywhere I go. Even when I am in the states. There is almost always a charger on me, and if you catch me without one I probably feel pretty lost.

Beauty Bag: face mask, tooth brush and paste, make-up wipes, face wash, mascara and cover up, and chap stick-

Any flight that is really over 6 hours you are probably going to sleep on. It really is just one way to take up time and you’ll probably need to. Bringing little travel size beauty supplies was helpful for me to get into my regular mindset of preparing for bed. I got a little sample of my favorite face wash from Sephora, and just a travel pack of make up removing wipes. My favorite is the lavender ones since they promote sleep. I also brought a travel size of the Origins Drink up mask. This mask can be worn overnight and is so moisturizing! Flights are really dehydrating to your body and skin so I think this is a great one to use. I read about people who literally bring sheet masks and wear them on plane. While that would be hilarious I am not that brave so I stuck to this one since it’s clear and I don’t have to take it off.

I also brought mascara and cover-up for once I landed. It was nice to freshen up with a few swipes of mascara. This way I didn’t look like I just woke up from traveling 9+ hours.

What I wish I had brought:

Eye mask-The kind that you can sleep in. I’ve never owned one of these sleep masks, but man did I wish I had one! They did turn the lights off on the plane, but only at certain times. This would have allowed me to sleep when I wanted.

Pillow- Another thing I’ve never owned. I’ve always had a hard time sleeping on any sort of transportation, planes included. I really prefer to feel like I’m actually laying down. I don’t know if a travel pillow would have helped, but it sure seemed to let other people sleep.

Ear plugs- This is something I read on multiple blogs that I was like nahhh I won’t need those. I was wrong and people can be soooo loud on planes (drunk man behind me, I’m looking at you).

Blanket scarf- Like I mentioned above, I packed this on the way there and didn’t on the way back and really wish I had. I was cold and really wishing I had my blanket.

Hair tie- #LongHairProblems It really is just always in the way.

Deodorant/Perfume- These would have been nice to have just as one more way to freshen up. The flights felt like a full day had been missed and reapplying deodorant is just refreshing.


Have you flown on lots of long distance flights? What’s your biggest tip?


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    Not doubt these are the quick and best tips , however i will say you should also carry compression socks for long flights, it can save your legs from tiredness and numbness.

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    All items are on point! I love bringing Evian facial mist to feel less dehydrated and to freshen up mid-flight and could not live without my eye mask- so clutch since I immediately fall asleep on planes but hate the bright lights. Great post!
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

    1. Reply

      Yes! I was in serious need of an eye mask!

  3. How great to be out gallivanting! I love your list, and never go anywhere w/out a scarf-blanket, too! Always cold on planes 🙂 I’ve been carrying a phone charger with me at home, too! Great list!

    1. Reply

      It was so much fun! Thanks for reading Patricia.

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    I really enjoyed this. We definitely think alike! It’s always better to be over-prepared when packing. Love the blanket-scarf idea because I always get cold!

    1. Reply

      I am such an over packer! I love to be prepared. Hope the tips help!

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    The mini cups of water are *the* worst part of flights! I always stock up before I get on (or I pass and just drink the wine 😉 but seriously, flying dehydrates the heck out of you so it’s so important to drink all the water!


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      Definitely had a glass of win too 😉 I mean we were headed to Europe!

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    I never thought about bringing the metal bottle! That’s such a good idea – thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Reply

      Thanks for reading Nicole!

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    Awesome tips! An eye mask is something I keep meaning to buy, but always forget. I think that’s what I need to get any sort of sleep on a plane. I hate flying so anything helps to pass time =)

    Lydia |

    1. Reply

      I’ve never tried an eye mask, but I definitely didn’t sleep without one.

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    Agree so much with all of this – especially the blanket scarf! So nice to have something that can look cute as you’re traveling, and turn into something cozy & functional when you’re on the plane!

    1. Reply

      The blanket scarf was a serious must! Thanks for reading Robin.

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    Wonderful tips! An oversize scarf is key for me because I’m always cold. On that note, I like to bring my own tea bags as well.

    1. Reply

      Oh my gosh! Tea bags! That’s so brilliant!

    • Teri
    • March 21, 2017

    I love posts like this! I always learn something new! You’re so right about the deodorant. Practical and good idea for a long flight.

    1. Reply

      Thanks for reading Teri! Hope the tips helped!

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    Thank you for these tips! I don’t fly much so I need some advice when it comes to carry ons!!

    1. Reply

      Hope these helped! Thanks for reading Reeni.

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    Great tips! I didn’t know you could bring an empty water bottle on board! That’s a brilliant idea!

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      Yeah! I just fill it up once I’m through security. So simple!

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