Canada Photo Diary Part 2


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If you missed Canada Part 1 go ahead and click here. Some of the other places that we visited was Niagara Falls in Goldstream Provincial Park. It was a super easy walk to the waterfall, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. We stopped there and ate lunch in the park as well.

Another place we visited was the butterfly gardens. This was so incredible. They also had a bug exhibit, which was not even close to as cool as the butterflies. You’re in this huge room and there is butterflies everywhere! They are flying all around you. None of them really landed on you, but there was this cool bird that climbed up and gave us kisses.

One of the last things we did in Canada was visit Hatley Castle. The castle has been used in Xmen and I believe Deadpool. What’s really cool about the castle is that it’s actually a university and theres classrooms. I couldn’t imagine going to school in such a cool building. The bummer was that when classes are in session you can’t tour it. So we didn’t get to go inside 🙁 They do have amazing gardens we got to walk through.

After visiting Canada we took the ferry into Seattle. I didn’t take very many photos from there since we were only in the city for two days. You can check out the video below though!

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    Looks like a lovely time. I love the photos. The butterfly photo is so stunning. Def print-&-hang-on-wall-worthy!

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      Aw thanks Kara!

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    Oh my gosh your trip looks so fun!! Also loving the dress you wore, so cute 🙂

    Lauren Lindmark |

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      Aw thanks Lauren!

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