Michael’s Daily Picks Part 3

Moo's Musing Part 3 of Michael's Daily Picks

Moo's Musing Part 3 of Michael's Daily Picks

Today is the final post of the Michael’s Daily Picks series! If you missed part one and two go check them out!Part 1 talked about how this series came about, and part 2 went through the first 3 outfits of the week. This post is going to go through the last two outfits that Michael chose for the week. Throughout this series Michael even makes a guest appearance on the blog! So keep reading to see how the rest of the week went, and what mine and his thoughts are on his outfit choices.

Moo's Musing white t-shirt outfit Hollister Jeans and Gold Sparkle Keds

I actually liked this outfit that Michael picked out. I was really shocked by him picking the sparkly shoes. Theses shoes I specifically bought for the Taylor Swift concert, and hadn’t really figured out how to wear them otherwise, but I liked what he paired them with for this outfit.

I picked this outfit out because it has kind of a classic American look. White shirt and blue jeans, but it isn’t just a normal white t-shirt so it adds a little more modern twist to the outfit.

Moo's Musing Boyfriend picks out outfits Dress and Tennis Shoes

As you can tell by my face here I was not a fan of this choice. More specifically the shoes. I have NEVER been a fan of wearing tennis shoes with dresses. I mean maybe converse and a t-shirt dress, but that is as far as I will take it. I probably would have paired this dress with my oxfords, but Michael hates those shoes. He even went as far as to mention that he would not be choosing my “hipster shoes” with this dress.

So even though Mariah is making a ace in this picture, she is looking good! I picked this outfit because the dress and shoes give a fun yet professional look. Plus hipster shoes are lame. Definitely my second favorite outfit.

There you have it folks! A whole week of Michael picking out my outfits. What do you guys think of them? Which was your favorite?

    • Shae
    • October 31, 2015

    This is such a cute idea, Mariah! I’m scared to see what my boyfriend would pick out.

    Shae @ Current Habits

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