Michael’s Daily Picks Part 2

Michael's Daily Picks Part 2

Michael's Daily Picks Part 2 We are onto part 2 in this three part series! If you missed part one go ahead and click to find out how and why I let my boyfriend dress me for a week. I promise I am not that crazy, and it wasn’t really all that bad! Today I am going to show you guys the first 3 outfits of the week and tell you what I thought of them, give some of Michael’s quotes while he picked out the outfit, and then I am going to let Michael tell you why he chose them! I know! First time Michael actually gets to talk over here on this little space of the internet! So go ahead and say hi to the man over here! Moo's Musing boyfriend pick outfit Star Wars tank top outfit Moo's Musing This first outfit was literally no surprise to me. I knew the minute we started discussing the idea of doing this series that he would choose this top. I’ve worn it before around him and I know he loves that I love Star Wars (P.S. I totally have our tickets for the new one coming out! Anyone else as excited?!). Also, the pony tail wasn’t a shock through this entire week. That’s his favorite way for my hair to be done. Maybe he’ll explain why? I’m not really sure. This was also the outfit that he quoted as “the one he was most proud of!” I like this shirt, but I have always dressed it up a bit more. Michael tended to keep everything pretty casual.    

Hi. Like Mariah said, I really like that shirt. I picked the ripped jeans and converse for a retro 80’s look. This shirt is the one time that she wears something openly nerdy so I ran with it! Moo's Musing casual outfit Pink t-shirt and shorts outfit As Michael was going through my closet I think he pulled out every plain v-neck t-shirt that I owned. I finally pointed out that he only had 5 days and I couldn’t wear all of those. He finally settled on this one giving the reason “that I like pink.” This outfit was just a plain school day since I didn’t have to spend to much time in the office. I don’t normally wear shorts to school so this was a bit out of my comfort zone but really not all together to bad.  

I picked this outfit because it was pretty basic, but it looks good. It’s simple, and it isn’t over whelming my eyes with stuff.  Girls need to understand that they don’t need to go crazy with what they wear to look good. (Do my outfits normally overwhelm your eyes?) You are usually trying to be fashionable with all your accessories, but you don’t need all that stuff to look good.  Men's button up shirt outfit

Out of all the outfits Michael picked out this one is definitely my favorite. I spend the entity of Wednesday’s working so he had to make sure I was work appropriate for this outfit. This is likely the only outfit I would have picked out for myself. So kuddos to him for this one!

This outfit came together for the basic fact that Mariah needed to dress nice, but I wanted her to look cool too. Plus it has a little bit of southern vibe. (What????) It has stripes…I don’t know. It’s yellow! Put freckles on you and a southern accent and no one would know. (Um…okay..) Whatever. 

Tune in Friday for part 3, and let me know what you think of the outfits Michael chose!

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    How fun is this post? Awesome!

      • November 4, 2015

      Thanks! It was a fun little experiment.

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    How cute! He did a great job. 🙂

      • November 4, 2015

      Thanks! I thought so too. He really surprised me!

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    This is adorable. You look great in all three outfits, of course he’d pick out a star wars shirt! Men!

      • October 28, 2015

      Right! It was inevitable!

  4. Reply

    Love the Star Wars top!

      • October 28, 2015

      Yeah it’s great! I got it from Target a few years ago. I am sure they’ll have them again the closer it gets to the movie.

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