Bows Upon Bows

Today I want to talk about bows. I mean what girl does not love her bows!? I sure do! I love bows. I love hair bows, I love bows on sweaters, shirts, shoes. You name it! So when I saw Chelsea’s instagram post of her holiday bows I had a little freak out.
These bows are so cute! Chelsea’s etsy shop is I really suggest you all go check these out!
Dealing with Chelsea was such a joy! The bows come up on little piece of card board. They were simply beautiful! For a simple Christmas gift they also come a little gift tag. I absolutely have loved wearing them around. Chelsea has offered all of my readers 25% off if you would like to purchase something from her shop! Just use the code MOOSMUSING.
There are so many ways to wear these awesome bows!

I hope you all enjoy shopping at Chelsea’s shop as much as I did!


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Mariah Cooke
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