Boston Day 2

Boston day 2 had much better weather than day 1! It was still overcast, but it only sprinkled some. No more downpour! Which made walking around the city much nicer!
My dad had bought us all this tour of the city which was really cool, and helpful since it took you to different parts and told you which buildings were historical. I thought that was really interesting!
One of the first places we went was Harvard. I wish we could have spent more time there, but I found the college so beautiful! It unique to me how old everything looks. The classrooms and dorms are spread out, and yet the city is so small that everything is just right there. I love the vibe that it gives off. It just makes you feel smart!
After Harvard, we had lunch and just got to walk a little bit of the freedom trail. We saw the church where the lanterns were hung. I love American history so I really thought it was so cool how our country was born right in this city.
The last thing we did was go on a duck boat. I thought this was awesome! It’s a car that is also a boat and drives straight into the water. It gave us some really cool skyline views of the city.

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Mariah Cooke
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