Boring Ol’ Weekend

Sadly, the weekend is over. That does mean The Weekend Recap with Sami though! I always love reading about how others spend their weekends! I always seem to think that mine can be rather boring. This weekend sure seemed that way to me! 
Friday night was wonderful! I had the whole house to myself. I have been feeling a bit under the weather the last few weeks, and it really started to hit me Friday night. I was able to take a nice hot bath, lay in my parents bed, and watch a movie. It was very relaxing!
Saturday morning I got up early to go garage saling with my mom. She is the ultimate garage sale queen! We always find great treasures! I scored a pair of maroon converses for $2! That was my treasure for the day!
After that D and I went to the mall, and ran some errands. We came back to his house to play games with his parents and watch a movie.

Sunday morning I went to church with my parents, and then ran errands with my mama. I felt awful all day on Sunday! This cold hit me full force! I mostly just laid around. However, I was at the point where laying around was not so enjoyable anymore. I really just wanted to feel productive!

This weekend was one I wanted to go by very quickly! However, I am still not feeling much better today. So here is hoping that going to school does not make me even more sick! I already am blowing my nose and coughing like a seal. Which is the last thing my fellow students want to be around during midterm week. Prayers to help me get better are much appreciated?

How was your weekend? Anyone else catch this horrible cold?


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