Boring Ol’ Weekend

Hello Lovelies!
My weekend was rather boring. I worked almost all of it. However, Sunday was my last day at Color Me Mine. I am sad to leave, and I think I will be back for Christmas. However, I am very excited to start my internship at school. I am ready for the next steps in life!
Saturday morning my family had a garage sale. We are finally able to get rid of all the junk from the old house. The new house is finally coming along nicely. If you guys would like a post on the house tour please comment and tell me! Anyway, the garage sale went nicely and God really blessed us in getting rid of all the big furniture.

Saturday after work D took me shopping. I really cannot say how thankful I am for him. I do not always have the money to buy new clothes, and he blesses me abundantly! It was a lot of fun, and we scored some serious deals! I promise outfit posts to come! That night we took a walk around my new neighborhood.

The street I live on is slightly secluded, and no one drives down there unless they live there. I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to dance in the street. It was very fun!
That concludes my weekend. As I said before it was pretty boring. Nice and chill days. I just wan to leave you all with a few words. I found this quote on pinterest, and I really love it. I think that the whole world has an “I” issue. Pride is the hardest thing to get rid of, and the world would be a much a better place without it. So today think of your pride, and how it affects how you treat others.

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