Blessed to Be a Blessing


This post is not going to be a long one, and I will recap my events of the weekend later. I just have a really full heart and I felt that I should share with y’all.

Tonight was a dinner/get together for my new internship at CBU for their campus activities group. I have mentioned Community Life before (or I think I have). The little event or whatever you want to call it was named Pass The Torch. All of the new interns and staff came together with all of the graduating or leaving staff/interns and we hung out. It gave us a time to swap ideas or advice. Especially for us newbies. I found it very helpful, and slightly calming as I am extremely excited but also very nervous for the upcoming school year. The exiting interns gave us advice, and each newbie was given a gift of some sort, whether helpful or funny. It was all around a great evening.

However, I am not writing to tell you what an awesome time I had. I just feel extremely blessed to be apart of Community Life next year. As the night ended all of the next years interns sat in a circle and all of the exiting staff stood around us and prayed for us silently. Sitting there, head bowed, and eyes closed in that silence with two girls hands on my shoulders I could not help but think how blessed and thankful I am. These two girls I don’t know are praying for me, earnestly praying for me. One is my boss and now new mentor, while the other is a girl I had just met a few days before. Yet, she is standing there praying for me and my new job. That is so incredible. I just sat there thanking the Lord. I am so amazed and still in awe of the fact that I got the position. Community Life as an office gets a lot of applications for their intern positions and yet I was chosen. Eight people got hired, and I am one of those eight. God has incredibly blessed me. I am just so thankful to be apart of this group.

So as I am now blessed to have a new sort of family, and a new group of friends I am brought back to the reason of my internship. In my Intro to Global Studies class this semester the saying “Blessed to Be a Blessing” came up. God blesses us as Christians so we may bless others. It is our way to show Christ’s love to those around us. Now as I am blessed with my event planning internship, and as, I hope happens, many awesome events in the future. I want to bless others. I want the students, friends, and families who come to our events next year to be blessed by my blessing of planning that event for them. That is my goal. I hope I can show how much Christ has blessed me by giving me something to be apart of, and having a sense of belonging to some sort group to those around me.

I pray that in every situation that you are going in that you remember God has a blessing waiting for you. Even if it a blessing in disguise.


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