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Meeting another blogger has always been a dream of mine! I think the blogisphere is something so incredible, and the friendships that I have built with other bloggers all over the world is incredible! This past weekend I got to meet up with Shae from over at Current Habits. She, like me, writes a life and style blog. This was actually the second time that we met up, but the first time we didn’t take pictures (I know #bloggerfail!). So this time around I made sure to bring my camera.

A blate (blogger date) is seriously so awesome! Shae lives about an hour from where I do, so both times we’ve met right in the middle. We actually connected first over Instagram, and then found out we were both bloggers and loved each other’s styles. I think that doing a blogger meet up is so helpful and encouraging. Shae has taught me so much about analytics and has been so inspiring to me. I hope that I was a help to her too! Meeting up with other bloggers is so great since you both can relate in so many different ways and each have knowledge the other may not have.

I would encourage anyone to reach out to other bloggers in your area, or if you are going to be visiting somewhere that you know a great blogger is, to try and meet up! That’s the coolest thing about blogging. The fact that you can meet people and literally become friends with them in a way you never would have thought before!

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    • Gabriela
    • August 2, 2016

    This is super cool! Great idea & love your style

      • August 3, 2016

      Aw! Thank you!

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