Blank Walls


Hello Dear Ones,

Since I have been moving a lot in the last 6 months I have come to notice a few things. I know I may complain about the mess, all the boxes, or even the bugs. All of which are part of moving. However, the one thing I have realized that bothers me the most is blank empty walls.

Now I know that most people associate blank walls with a new beginning. A fresh start or a blank canvas. I have realized though that blank walls make me sad. They are just empty. Yes, they have a lot of potential but they are just blank. Even this blog post without a picture is boring and can be sad looking. Just words on paper ( or a screen…we are using technology here). It is just blah. They look so empty and alone to me.

When we moved out of our old house I really noticed all of them and it made me upset. I was bummed to see all of my pictures come down. The certain things that had never been moved since I was little. The plates or pictures that I associated with memories. Those things made me sad to see getting packed up in boxes. To see such an empty house made me sad since I knew we wouldn’t be there anymore.

Here at the rental though all the blank walls made me realize how much this place did not feel like home. The walls were empty (and still are). I will say that we couldn’t really hang something for fear of putting a hole in the wall, and we tried to cover it up as much as we could with dressers and tape. But no matter what it was still a blank wall.

The difference is that in the new house the first thing you see is blank walls. They are everywhere! These blank walls, exciting as they may be, still make me have some sort of sadness. They just need to be covered up. The pictures and memories need to come out of storage and the walls need to start being covered. I don’t know what it is, but I do not like or enjoy a blank wall.


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Mariah Cooke
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