Blake Lively Inspired Half-Up Side Fishtail

Today’s post is inspired by Blake Lively. For one, who doesn’t want this girls hair?! She is seriously gorgeous. Also did you guys here she’s pregnant now? Her and Ryan Reynolds are going to have the most adorable child ever!
Anyway….on to the hair!
The pictures above show my rendition of this style, and my inspiration. Another awesome inspiration can be found on the blog His Little Lady. As you can see Blake’s hair is a bit messier than mine. This can easily be achieved by first adding some waves to your hair. I left my natural texture for this style which is pretty straight and sleek.
Step 1: Brush through hair and create a side part. 
Step 2: Right above the ears gather hair and pull to the side.
Step 3: Create a fishtail braid and secure with an elastic.
Step 4: Pull apart the fishtail to give it a more messy spread out look.
There ya go! If you do try out this hairstyle send me an email, tweet me, or tag me on instagram!

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