Bitter Sweet Things


A year ago around this time I wrote this post, Blessed to Be a Blessing. I remember writing this post. I had come home from the event called Pass the Torch, and my heart was so full. I sat on my bed in at that point in time our rental house and just thought over what had happened that night. I was surrounded by people that I really didn’t know at all, but yet seemed to have this overwhelming care for me. They were so interested in who I was, and what I was like. They had been in prayer for me, about me, and about the job that I had just been given.

Yet, now a year later I am on the other side of this fence. I am still so extremely blessed by my staff. I cannot express how much I love my job, my fellow interns, and my bosses. This time around Pass the Torch was a very bitter sweet event. I am still holding back tears thinking about the fact that some of these people that I have worked so close with this year are leaving. The bitter part is that the majority of them are graduating seniors. They are leaving CBU and moving on with their lives. I have enjoyed working with them so much this past year. Some of them are the reason that I got involved on my campus. It’s so sad to think about not working with them next year.

(excuse the crappy phone quality)

But I said it’s bitter sweet! There’s a whole other side to this year ending. I am so sad to see these interns and friends leave, yet a whole new group of interns are coming in. Just like I was taking someones place last year the leaving interns are passing the torch to someone new. There are 11 new interns coming aboard next year. They are incredible people who my bosses have chosen wisely and worked very hard to pick. I have gotten to know a few of them already and I cannot wait to work with them next year. 

Next year is very new. There are so many new factors, and it will not be like this past year at all. However, it is still a growing point and a place that I have been put in. I am extremely excited to see what the Lord is going to do next year. I want to continue to bless the students at my school, and now being a returner I want to be able to bless the new interns. I cannot wait to see how the Lord is going to stretch me and the new things I will learn in the coming year. 


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