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Old Navy Bell Sleeve Blouse Old Navy Moo's Musing White Jeans and boots Maroon Bell Sleeves White Jeans Maroon Top Fall Fall White Jeans OutfitThe changing of seasons is probably one of the times I feel least inspired. Everyone else is starting to wear fall clothes, and I am so ready for fall. Completely ready to wear sweaters and scarves. Yet, every year it is still blazing in So Cal and sweaters just are not an option. I never know what to post about since I know everyone really needs fall inspiration but all I can think of is how hot outside it is and how I want it to be cold. It leaves me seriously unsure of what to post and what to spend my money on. I don’t like buying anymore tanks or t-shirts since I won’t be wearing them for much longer and I’m not ready to spend my money on sweaters since I can’t wear those either. So here I am not posting on my blog and feeling like a bad blogger, yet I don’t know what to post about anyway!

I also think my uninspiredness (is that a word? Well I just made it one..) comes from the fact that my life has been so busy. I feel completely stretch thin and like I am not giving my 100% best to anything lately. Working full time has been much more of an adjustment than I anticipated. Working full time and being in a relationship is time consuming! We have something to do practically every night. It’s church, a party, or meetings and then when it’s not that it’s the only night we have just us. Fitting in all my other side gigs just isn’t working. This past weekend my boyfriend pretty much forced me to sleep in and not go to church since I hadn’t not worked in weeks! Every Saturday something is on the books. Lately I feel like I haven’t had time to work on my business or my blog simply because I’m trying to keep up with work and social stuff. Forget working out!

I’m just a walking meme. You’ve probably seen that meme about keeping up a job, friends, sleep, and working out. There’s just not enough hours in the day. And it’s taking it’s toll. I’m stressed. To the max! I want to do a good job and I don’t want to give anything up. I need better time management. And to be honest I miss it. I love blogging and I love connecting with y’all. Yet, I feel so drained and I haven’t been doing a good job. So please forgive me for the lack of involvement and don’t give up on me just yet! I promise I’m trying.

Maybe you feel the same way?  Maybe it’s the changing of the seasons, or the season of life I’m in. But I promise I’m trying and I’m not done yet.

Top: Old Navy
Jeans: Hollister
Boots: GH Bass
Necklace: J Crew


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